Rediscover ourselves to grow

Rediscover ourselves to grow

In the Ivory Coast, we are accompanying the development of the Technical and Professional Center of Bonoua. Founded in 1975, it is a historical and appreciated reality in the country. Nowadays, the school has decided to rediscover this tradition; sharing it in an international cooperation project and comparing it with the challenges of globalized education


Ivory Coast


In West Africa, 50 kilometres from Abidjan - the most populous city and economic capital of the Ivory Coast - there is the town of Bonoua.
Here is the Don Orione Technical and Professional Center. The Center offers various professional courses - carpentry, electricity, plumbing, masonry, general and automotive mechanics - attended by 430 male and female students aged between 15 and 27. The school employs 48 people, including teachers and staff.
The Center is a historical and appreciated reality: since 1975, it has trained young people who want to find a job, improving their lives and their community.
Starting from the concrete need to renew professional supply chains, the school has decided to join an international cooperation project to deal with the challenges of globalized education, open up to networking, invest in inclusion and integral education.


The goals of the project are:
- create the conditions for a renewal of the professional chains and a more effective institutional organization of the Technical and Professional Center of Bonoua;
- give young people a quality education, which allows them to enter the world of work and contribute to the future of the Ivory Coast;
- promote development through the tools of education and international cooperation;
The Gravissimum Educationis Foundation accompanies the development of the project aiming at replicability in other contexts.


The Technical and Professional Center of Bonoua is uncharged of the project in collaboration with the Pontifical Gravissimum Educationis Foundation and the Duval Foundation (France).

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