The Foundation is managed by a Board of Administration chaired by the Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, accompanied by a Vice-President.

The Board is supported by the Scientific Committee, which is responsible for proposing the activities to be undertaken, and by the Assembly of Sponsors, consisting of those who share the activities of the Foundation and promote them by putting into place material and human resources.

The ordinary administration is entrusted to the General-Secretariat. It is coordinated by a Secretary-General, to whom report the Treasurer, an Administrative Advisor, and the so-called Ambassadors, who promote the Foundation on different continents.

The Board of Auditors ensures proper financial management.

Board of Administration

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Administration composed of 9 members. It is up to the Board of Administration to appoint the Vice-President, the Secretary-General and the members of the Scientific Committee, to adopt the acts of extraordinary administration and to approve the budget and the balance sheet.



H. Em. Card. José Tolentino DE MENDONÇA – PRESIDENT

Prof. Msgr. Giovanni Cesare PAGAZZI – VICE-PRESIDENT



Prof. Sr. Helen M.J. ALFORD

Prof. Pier Sandro COCCONCELLI

Prof. Sr. Giuseppina DEL CORE

Prof. Antonello MARUOTTI

Dr. Fabio MONTI

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of people who are experts in catholic education or have relevant roles in catholic education or university institutions. It is up to the Scientific Committee to propose to the Board of Administration the activities to be undertaken to achieve the aims of the Foundation.



Prof. Benjamin AKOTIA (Ivory Coast)

Prof. Rosa APARICIO GOMEZ (Colombia, Spain)

Prof. Jorge BAEZA CORREA (Chile)

Prof. Roberto CATALANO (Italy)

Prof. Pier Sandro COCCONCELLI (Italy)

Prof. Consuelo CORRADI (Italy)

Prof. Sr. Pina DEL CORE (Italy)

Prof. Stefania GANDOLFI (Italy)

Msgr. Davide MILANI (Italy)

Prof. Andrea MONDA (Italy)

Prof. Msgr. Giovanni Cesare PAGAZZI (Italy)

Prof. Yuri PIDLISNYY (Ukraine)

Dr. Carina Iris ROSSA (Argentina)

Assembly of Sponsors

The Assembly of Sponsors (Ambassadors) composed of people and legal entities who share the aims of the Foundation, and support and promote them with financial or other contributions.

Paolo CERUZZI (Italy)

Gabriele DELMONACO (United States)

Éric DUVAL (France)

Maurizio FARONI (Italy)

Gabriele GALATERI (Italy)

John GARVEY (United States)

Pierre-Jean GIRE (Francia)

Elvira YAP GO (Philippines)

Fabio MONTI (Italy)

Giovanni QUAGLIA (Italy)

Tajeddine SEIF (United Arab Emirates)

Zlatko SKRBIS (Australia)

Gonzalo VERDOMAR WEISS (Argentina)

Stefano ZAMAGNI (Italia)

Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors will monitor the financial management, the balance sheet and income statement of the Foundation; ensure proper reporting and accounting; examine the budget and the financial statements, drawing up a specific report to be submitted to the Board of Administration; carry out audits on cash and management at any time it deems appropriate.


Dr. Salvatore COLITTA

Dr. Federico MANZONI

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