Our 5th anniversary!

Our 5th anniversary!

Today our Foundation is celebrating its 5th anniversary! In fact, on October 28, 2015, Pope Francis created our institution for "scientific and cultural purposes aiming at the promotion of Catholic education in the world" (Chirographer).

Since then, the same structured its various components, established relationships with collaborators and launched a certain number of projects that are already giving their first results. We grab this opportunity to thank you all very sincerely for your presence in our midst and your precious support that paved the way to our activities.

We have already published two books in our own series Fari Educativi (Educational Beacons), highlighting the contribution of education to cultural and social challenges. Networking together with 14 universities around the world, a research and training project is committed to transform democratic practice. The Inclusion of migrant young students in Chile and school education in vulnerable areas of Buenos Aires are also part of our present projects. The construction of a House of Peace in Congo (RDC) and the professional formation of the young generations in Ivory Coast are also part of the priorities of our agenda. At the beginning of the pandemic, solidarity education being part of our endeavour, together with fund providers, the Foundation contributed with humanitarian aid (food and sanitary equipment) for the city of Iquitos (Peru), located in the Amazon rainforests. At this very moment, we are elaborating a specific action in favour of schools and universities in Lebanon.

As you can imagine, conditions permitting, we would have preferred celebrating this 5th anniversary in a more festive way. For example, together with all of you, our plan was to confer the Gravissimum Educationis Award on an institution that "distinguished herself in its activities related to Catholic education and culture". Unfortunately, it is not possible for the moment but really "quod differtur non aufertur".

Looking at the future with hope and creativity seems at this moment the best way to celebrate the past. In this connection, we thought very appropriate to share with you the seven highlights proposed by Pope Francis in the context of the Global Compact on Education entrusted to the Congregation for Catholic Education and, consequently, to the collaboration of the Foundation Gravissimum Educationis.

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