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"Do not be discouraged by the difficulties that the educational challenge presents! Educating is not a job, but an attitude, a way of being; to educate, you have to get out of yourself and stay among the youth, accompany them in the stages of their growth, standing by their side."

Pope Francis


Training the trainers


The Foundation wants to invest in the formation of educators, addressing itself to the so-called multipliers. These are people who more than others can contribute to the development of an educational context: in our university, our courses involve the rectors and university administrators; in schools, the coordinators of school networks and the territorial leadership.


In the impossibility of training all teachers in the world, this method allows to spread the learning comprehensively but above all leaves each trainer the freedom to embody them in his own territory (taking into account the differences that separate, for example, a rural school from a large university campus).


Why investing in trainers?


Catholic schools and universities are experiencing epochal changes: the tension between identity and dialogue, the lack of means and resources, and, especially, the new cultural and sociological environments from which students come.


Faced with these challenges there are elements of quality that a Catholic school and university must know how to express: respect for the dignity and uniqueness of each person; the wealth of opportunities offered to young people; a balanced attention to the cognitive, affective, social, professional, ethical and spiritual aspects; the promotion of research as a strict commitment to truth, in the awareness of the limitations of human knowledge, but with great opening of mind and heart.


In this educational context, acquisition of knowledge is necessary but the transformation of the person is the real expected outcome.


It is an ambitious goal, which can only be achieved through the training of those responsible for educational institutions and, through them, of the entire educational community.


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