Pontifical Foundation Gravissimum Educationis

The teaching of Pope Francis

In its activity, the Foundation is inspired by the teaching of the Church and the charism of Pope Francis. Some keywords guide our action:

Risks and opportunities

Education is an act of hope because it builds the future. Educators are called upon to accompany the uncertain steps of young people towards a convincing project of life by providing the tools necessary to navigate and enter society with security and responsibility, in a spirit of service.

Education in solidarity

An educational approach in solidarity combines learning and community service into an articulated project where participants learn to take care of the real needs of the territory with the aim of improving it. It develops the civic responsibility of students, links academic curricula with learning about human rights, solidarity, care for the poor and preservation of the environment.

New languages

"There are three languages: the language of the head, the language of the heart, the language of the hands. Education must move on these three roads. Teaching to think, helping to feel right and accompanying in doing, so that the three languages are in harmony; so that the child, the youth, thinks what he feels and does, feels what he thinks and does, and does what he thinks and feels "(Pope Francis). That is why education comes out of the classroom and opens to the horizons of sport, art, ecological citizenship.


The Church in the third millennium renews its educational passion to reach the peripheries that need to grow in humanity, in intelligence, in values, in habits, so that they can in turn go on and lead to other experiences that they do not know. Therefore, the walls must be demolished because "the greatest failure that an educator can face, is to educate" within the walls. " Educating inside the walls: walls of a selective culture, walls of a culture of safety, walls of a social sector that is well-off and no longer moves forward" (Pope Francis).

Transcendence and dialogue

"Christian education is about bringing up young people, children with human values in all realities, and one of these realities is transcendence" (Pope Francis). This vertical dimension crosses the horizontal and together they lead on the paths of encounter, dialogue, building bridges towards everyone in respect, esteem, and reciprocal acceptance.

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